Fixing a TestFlight Build Stuck Processing in iTunes Connect

April 3, 2016

While integration of TestFlight to the 2014 redesign of iTunes Connect has brought a host of new features and improvements, a new crop of bugs and gotchas have sprouted up as well. One of the more significant problems is when newly uploaded builds get stuck in a processing state for long periods of time. From personal experience and the anecdotes of others builds can take from minutes to days to complete the processing step. If you have a build that appears stuck in the processing state here are some possible solutions:

Build Stuck Processing in iTunes Connect
Click the “View All Builds” button to see builds that are in the processing state.

1. Wait At Least 24 Hours

If you are uploading the first build for an app it usually takes around 24 hours to process. This is an unfortunate limitation, especially if you are looking to get into the App Review queue quickly. The best workaround for this is to upload an initial 1.0 build as early as possible, even before you’re ready to beta test.

2. Upload a New Build

If your build gets stuck for longer than 24 hours, uploading a new build with a higher build number can help clear out or circumvent a stuck build. This solution is reportedly even recommended by Apple’s support team. After uploading a new build, wait about 15 minutes to see if the new build goes through.

3. Disable Bitcode

If you’re enabling Bitcode in your project, disabling it might fix a stuck build since this causes some additional steps when iTunes Connect processes the build. To disable, go to your targets Build Settings and set “Enable Bitcode” to “NO”. However, be aware of the impact this may have on the size of your binary, since Bitcode was designed for thinning your app.


Disabling Bitcode in Xcode
Disabling Bitcode in Xcode


4. Try Application Loader

Using Application Loader instead of Xcode to upload the build is another solution that others have reported working. However, this may simply be because Application Loader doesn’t support Bitcode, so this could cease to work in future updates.

Application Loader for Uploading iOS Builds
Application Loader for Uploading iOS Builds

5. Contact Apple Support

Always the last resort, try contacting Apple Developer Support directly. You can contact support via phone with worldwide options available or through a few other channels.

If one or none of these options worked for you, please share in the comments.