Tips for Apple App Review

March 2, 2016

MacStories published an excellent article on the problems with Apple’s App Review process and possible solutions. I share many similar experiences to those of the developers mentioned in the article as well as a few unique ones.

I had a bizarre meeting with managers of the App Review team at WWDC in 2013 where they ended the meeting giving me general career advice ?. I’ve had apps rejected for having limited functionality and a “poor user interface” later go on to be featured by Apple. And I’ve even had to resubmit an app under a different developer account because a reviewer was stonewalling me. That app would go on to be number 1 in the music section and become my most successful independent project.

However in the last few years, I’ve had less and less problems with App Review. I’m not sure if they’ve been getting better or if I just have, but I thought of a few tips for avoiding App Review headaches.

  1. Always try to communicate with the reviewer and review team. The Resolution Center, Appeal Board, Developer Technical Support, and sometimes work.
  2. Submit as early as possible, assuming that problems will occur.
  3. Responding to a reviewer after a Metadata Rejection can save you a week of waiting for review again.
  4. Despite what it seems, expedited app reviews are almost always approved when you have critical bug fixes.
  5. Include as much information as possible with your submission: demo accounts, information and even videos in the notes section.