Shrink Ray Image Resizing Mac App for Developers

Shrink Ray

Shrink Ray was devised as a way to properly create assets for the various screen resolutions of iOS and Android devices. Simply drag a selection of images or folder onto the app or onto the dock icon and the work is done for you. Shrink Ray warns you when you try to shrink odd-dimensioned images as well as removes unused alpha channels from images. Both of these features create assets which are optimized for performance on mobile devices. Drag in any iOS screenshot and Shrink Ray will automatically fill the status bar in order to create the appropriate Default.png’s for app launch images. Shrink Ray handles the proper naming of all ‘shrunk’ assets.

Features include:

  • Created properly scaled assets for iOS and Android
  • Simply drag and drop images into the window
  • Warnings of potential misalignment issues when scaling odd dimensioned images
  • Automatically create Default.png graphics for iPhone & iPad
  • Appropriately renames for iPhone and iPad with ~iphone or ~ipad
  • Removes unused alpha channels for better graphics performance