Kenny Chesney's No Shoes Radio iPad App on iPad Mini

No Shoes Radio iPad

No Shoes Radio iPad was the first project I developed from start to finish at Aloompa. Instead of using a standard iPad interface, we used a series of floating windows. To make the UI as fluid and simple to use as possible, we made many of the standard functions gesture-based. The user to can easily hide almost every part of the UI, which showcases the photo of the day. Also, by pinching the player users switch to a miniature player, further enhancing visibility of the photo of the day.

Features Included:
  • Complete playback of Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Radio
  • Song history and ability to purchase songs
  • Request your favorite songs
  • Sign up for a NSR account to earn points each day you listen
  • Discover next live broadcasts
  • Curated background photo changes daily
  • Switch to mini player to see more of the photo of the day

No Shoes Radio reached #2 on the App Store’s top paid music apps, next to GarageBand. Later Apple featured No Shoes Radio in the music section.