One Year of Nashville CocoaHeads

One Year of Nashville CocoaHeads

It’s been exactly one year since the reboot of Nashville CocoaHeads last February. I’ve loved seeing the Nashville developer community grow along with the connections and ventures which have come out of the group. Members I’ve talked to have expressed how the community has inspired and motivated them in their day-to-day work.

The group’s success would not have been possible without the speakers who sacrificed their time to create and give presentations at our meetings. Also, we are thankful to have the sponsorship of Aloompa who has provided us with a meeting space, pizza, and drinks for every meeting.

Each meeting we’ve had a speaker give a talk or lead a discussion on a particular topic. Here’s a little recap of our meetings and topics over the past year.

February 20 – Jared Sinclair: “Photoshop for Developers”

March 21 – Short Presentations

CKRefreshControl – John Haitas
CocoaPods – Christopher Cotton
Method Swizzling – Ben Gotow
Rapid App Prototyping – Matthew McCroskey
UITableViewCells & Model Objects – Bryn Bodayle

April 24 – Jon Wiley: “Core Data with Magical Record”

May 22 – App’s We’ve Made and the Lessons We’ve Learned

Versagram – Ian Broyles
T3 Player – Bryn Bodayle
Mac App Piracy & ClickOnTyler – Tyler Hall

June 26 – iOS 7 Discussion

July 24 – Patrick Goley – “Audio Options in iOS”

August 13 – Jon Wiley: “New Features in Xcode”

September 25 – Ian Broyles: “AVFoundation for Video”

October 30 – Andrew Lattis: “TextKit in iOS 7”

November 20 – Bryn Bodayle: App Review Discussion

December 18 – Patrick Goley: Developer Tools Discussion

January 23 – Ben Gotow: “Transitioning to OSX from iOS”

The Future

I’m looking forward to seeing Nashville CocoaHeads continue to grow. This year I am excited about our group engaging with other developer groups in the community as well as other CocoaHeads groups in the region. I have also been brainstorming with a few people about how the group can interact with the larger non-developer community in Nashville. We’ve had a great year, and the future of Nashville CocoaHeads looks exciting!


  1. Alex the Ukrainian

    Definitely happy I found this (via Matthew). Thanks, Bryn, for organizing! Keep up the awesome work. It helped me a lot.

    I attended SF’s NSMeetup the other week – we had probably 150 people, at Stripe’s headquarters, with Anki lead dev presenting about Bluetooth Low Energy. Amazing. I hope Nashville Cocoaheads grows similarly and continues to energize the community to invent and build.

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