CocoaHeads Nashville April Meeting

Nashville CocoaHeads Recap – 4/24

Nashville CocoaHeads met on Wednesday night, April 24th at the Aloompa offices. After our usual social time, Jon Wiley gave a presentation on using Magical Record for Core Data. He showed a sample project with and without Magic Record showing how the framework removed boilerplate code and simplified things like fetches and concurrency. Next, Matthew McCroskey gave a talk and demo on using Auto Layout in iOS. His demonstration illustrated the usefulness of Auto Layout and how it required significantly less code for more complex layouts. During the presentation he referenced the helpful blog post 10 Things You Need To Know About Cocoa Autolayout.

After the presentations, we all played NSHipster’s developer quiz. We played the game individually and then discussed the answers as a group. We found a lot of the questions rather challenging but fun.

For next month’s meeting we decided to have a handful of developers talk about the story behind releasing one of their apps. If your interested in talking about the concepting, development, approval, or marketing process for an app you’ve released shoot me a message. Aim for about 7-10 minutes with your presentation. I think this will be a great time to learn from each other’s experiences and get to know some of the projects everyone has worked on.

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