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Nashville CocoaHeads Recap – 3/21

The March CocoaHeads meeting had and excellent turnout with some new faces joining us. Aloompa sponsored pizza and drinks again. For this meeting we had a series of short presentations on several development topics. Below is a brief summary of each talk along with the resources they covered.

CKRefreshControl – John Haitas

John Haitas talked about implementing CKRefreshControl as a simple way to support pull to refresh on iOS 5.0 CKRefreshControl automatically uses UIRefreshControl when available on iOS 6 and provides a custom implementation on iOS 5. One of his key points was to always use the refresh control on a UITableViewController, otherwise you’ll be pulling your hair out.

CocoaPods – Christopher Cotton

Christopher Cotton talked about using CocoaPods to easily setup new projects with libraries. He showed how well CocoaPods handles updates and version targets. I have never used CocoaPods before, but I am definitely going to use it on my next project.

Method Swizzling – Ben Gotow

Ben Gotow talked about how method swizzling in Objective-C works along with some practical uses. One of these practical uses is demonstrated in his project Spark Inspector. Spark Inspector is a very cool runtime debugger which Ben will be releasing soon on the Mac App Store. I’m excited to give it a whirl, especially with the 3D view hierarchy debugger.

Rapid App Prototyping – Matthew McCroskey

Matthew McCroskey gave a demo on using Storyboards for rapid app prototyping. He made a simple Twitter client in under 10 minutes. He talked about using static cells in table views which is something new to me that I found useful. He is going to post a longer screencast on the talk soon, and I will post that link when it is available.

UITableViewCell + Model Object – Bryn Bodayle

I gave a quick talk about the various methods for configuring a UITableViewCell with a model object. I always pass the model object to the cell, and I talked about the justification for this approach. In my talk I mention several blog posts on the different approaches:

Brent Simmons: UITableViewCell Is Not a Controller

Paul Goracke: UITableViewCell Is Not a Controller, But…

Sebastian Rehnby: Skinnier Controllers Using View Categories

Here are my slides from the talk:

Future Meetings:

After the presentations, we talked about plans for future meetings. For April’s meeting we will have a few longer presentations. In future months we talked about having a handful of developers tell stories and lessons learned from a particular app they’ve released.

As always, you can find us on Twitter @NashCocoaheads and request an invitation to our Google Group.

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