Nashville CocoaHeads 9/25 Ian Broyles Presenting

Nashville CocoaHeads 9/25 Recap: Staying Inspired

This past Wednesday, we had our eighth CocoaHeads meeting this year. This was also the eighth meeting since I’ve been organizing the group. Since that first meeting in February, I’ve seen jobs landed, podcasts started, app ideas born, and lots of new friends made all because of Nashville CocoaHeads. It’s really been an honor to be a small part of this, and I’ve loved seeing the iOS and OSX developer community grow in Nashville. I couldn’t be more happy with where the group is now, and I’m excited about seeing it continue to grow.

What really makes this group really stand out to me is the strong builder and do-it-yourself mindset. In local circles the discussion of how to encourage tech startups and companies in Nashville always seems to come up. While there are some great initiatives and movements being done to strengthen the city as a tech hub, I feel like the focus is often too much on becoming the next tech center instead of building great things. In order to make Nashville attractive as a tech city, we need to start doing more things and launching more tech products and services. And these products shouldn’t merely be services trying to make Nashville more of a tech center since that’s internally focused. Each month at Nashville CocoaHeads I get to be a part of developers building amazing products and services and this is greatly refreshing.

This month, Ian Broyles gave a presentation on working with video on iOS with AVFoundation. I’ve used AVFoundation for working with still images extensively but never video. Through his presentation I discovered how well designed and simple the AVFoundation APIs for video are. In typical Apple fashion, they have abstracted and simplified complicated video processing code so that developers can focus on creativity and building great apps.

After this talk, several developers presented apps they have been working. I was really amazed to see the incredibly useful and creative apps they had built in the past month. Also, it’s reassuring to see others who have faced similar challenges, and how they have overcome them. All in all, its inspiring on a personal level and in the context of the greater Nashville tech community. I’m looking forward to seeing how these apps fare as they are released and would love to see some local press cover the hard work and creativity of these developers.

Next month’s meeting will be on October 30, at 7pm at the Aloompa offices. More details are on the official CocoaHeads website.


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