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CocoaHeads Nashville Meeting 3/21 @7pm

Last months Cocoahead’s meeting had an excellent turn out, and I’ve talked to many more new faces who plan to attend in March. The meeting will be Thursday the 21st from 7-9pm at the Aloompa offices.

If you missed last month, there’s a recap here

For presentations this month, we are going to have 7 different presentations from 7 developers. These presentations will be timed on the clock to make sure we can get everyone in. If you interested in presenting, shoot me an email with your topic idea. Feel free to use slides or other visual aides.


Meeting Schedule:
7-7:30  – Food & drink, hanging out
7:30-8:30- Presentations
8:30-9:00 – Q & A and Wrap up

Meeting Location:
3 Cannery Row #103
Nashville, TN 37203

You can also just search for “Aloompa” on your map. The office is right inside the double gray doors on the right. If you’ve passed the doors to the Cannery Ballroom you’ve gone to far.

Let me know if you have any questions. You can also find out all the latest updates or ask questions on our Twitter page. Hope to see you there!

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