Changing Your Seller Name on the App Store

Changing App Store Seller Name

Changing your seller name on Apple’s App Store is not a straight-forward process. There are several caveats and ways to accomplish a name change. In the absence of any formal process, here are two methods for changing your seller name:

Seller Name Guidelines

First it is necessary to understand the guidelines for a seller name on the App Store. Your options for seller name depend on which kind of Apple developer account you initially setup. You can either create an account as an individual or a company/organization. As an individual the only option is your legal name. As a company or organization you are required to use your legal entity name. In order to register as a company/organization a D-U-N-S number is required which ensures your company or organization is legally registered.

If you wish to change your seller name, you must operate within those restrictions. Apple hasn’t always enforced these guidelines, but as the App Store has matured these policies have become required. Also, it doesn’t seem possible to convert an Apple developer account registered as an individual to an account registered as company/organization. If that is something you need, you should try App Transfer which is explained below.

Contact Apple

The easiest way to change your seller name is to contact Apple developer support. If there is a typo or inaccuracy in your seller name they should be willing to change it. Back before I released Card Share my individual account had a seller name for a fictitious entity that did not exist. Since it wasn’t my legal name, Apple support was willing to make the name change. I contacted support and within 24 hours my seller name was changed and updated in the App Store. The results from this method may vary, but I highly recommend direct communication with Apple as a first approach.

Here is the email to contact Apple about seller name changes and other iTunes related support:

New Account + App Transfer

Outside of contacting Apple, there is a more hands-on approach. Before WWDC in 2013, Apple announced the ability to transfer apps between developer accounts. By creating a new developer account with a new name and transferring your apps to that account, you can effectively change your seller name. There are a few restrictions on apps that can be transferred, for instance, you can’t transfer apps that use an iCloud or Passbook entitlement. If your app does qualify, the process is fairly easy and complete. All reviews, provisioning profiles, and App IDs will be transferred. After you initiate the process, the app will be frozen and should be completely transferred in about two days.

Here is a tutorial on App Transfer from Apple:

Unfortunately due to understandable restrictions, there is no definitive way to change your seller name. Either of the above options could work depending on your situation. Contacting Apple is always a great first step…just ask.


  1. YoungCheol Kim

    I want to change Company name.
    – currently : 국토해양부 하천운영과
    – change : 국토교통부 하천운영과

    Please. help me.

  2. Anonymous

    Q) If I am enrolled as an individual, can I change to a company membership?

    A) Yes. To convert your Mac Developer Program membership from an individual to a company, please contact us. You can make this change only if you are the founder/co-founder of the company. As part of the conversion process, you may be asked to submit business documents to verify your company’s identity.


  3. Tyler McField

    Hello Bryn,

    I published an app as an individual but I want the name of my company to appear in the app store, while it is currently displaying my own name. I guess – according to your article – the only viable solution for my case is app transfer. I would like to ask you a question about it. I didn’t understand the ‘frozen’ part about the app, will the app still be available on the app store during the transfer?

    Besides one other thing that worries me, will Apple Push Notifications certificates still work through the process or does the new account have to generate its own certificates?

    Thank you for this article.

    1. Bryn Bodayle

      Hi Tyler,

      I might try contacting Apple to see if they can upgrade and convert your individual account to an organization account so you can use your company name.

      If they can’t do that, app transfer is definitely an option. The app will be frozen just meaning you can’t change certain metadata and In App Purchase information. After the app is transferred you’ll need to regenerate your push client SSL certificate. Pushes should still work while it is in the being transferred state.


  4. Marcos

    Hello Bryn,

    Very helpful your article. Here’s my query.

    I’ve already an organization account as a Developer. The thing is that I don’t want my legal entity name appear as a developer name, because it’s not related to my business. Thus, I want to know if I would be able to use a ficticious name or trade mark instead.

    Thank you!

    1. Bryn Bodayle

      Hi Marcos,

      I doubt Apple will let you use anything but your real, legal name for a developer account enrolled as an individual. But, feel free to try or reach out to them.

  5. T

    Hi Bryn,

    I have transferred the App successfully from an company account to another company account, but the “Developer name” (Seller name) in Appstore is still showing the original company account, not the recipient company account name. What can I do?

  6. Mark

    Hi Bryn,

    Thank you for all the info here. So, here is my situation. I want to publish my FREE iOS app as individual, however, I do not want Apple Store to publish my full legal name. I am OK to tell Apple my legal name, (anyway I will use the name to pay $99.00 by credit card ). I just do not want the name to be published. The reason is: I do not want my current employer to know that I also work on something else in my free time. Currently I do not have any company registered (though hopefully it will happen in the future). If I go “as company” and receive DUNS number, DUNS database can also reveal the same info to my employer. So my name will be published in DUNS database (instead of Apple Store). Is there any way around this?
    Thank you.

    1. Bryn Bodayle

      Hmm, that’s tricky. I don’t think there is a good way to publish the app anonymously. I’d imagine that the chances that your current employer would find the app you worked on and look up the company in the DUNS database extremely low. Wouldn’t you think? Also, I’m not sure if looking up the company in the DUNS database will automatically reveal the owner’s name.

  7. Peter Kwasnik

    Hi, Im company owner. Ive tried register in app dev programi, but it says me that “This organization could not be verified as a legal entity.”. Im legal entity in my country (Poland). DUNS database says that Im sole proprietor and this is reason why apple dont want to register me as company. There is one thing – I know sole proprietor company who have register as company in app dev program. I was thinking that Im writing wrong company name, but I confirm it with D&B and its ok. Im not suer is phone number and website in register form are verified with D&B database?

  8. Gary

    Hi Bryn, Thanks for all the info.
    I developed an app for my client and they don’t want my business name to show under the app name. They do have a DUNS account. How can I change it so there name appears and not mine?
    Thanks, Gary

    1. Bryn Bodayle

      Unfortunately there is no way around the DUNS number requirement for your client if they want their business name to show up under the app. They could register as an individual and their legal name would show up under the app if you wanted.

  9. Rinku

    I have publish an iOS app to app store. It shows app name and below it shows developer name. The developer name shown has some spelling mistake and i can not figure out from where it is taking in iTunesConnect.
    I have checked app Info and developer ID info and everywhere I see the correct developer name. I can not figure out from where it is taking wrong developer name.

  10. Deyan Zubev

    Hi Bryn ,I am working in company which worked with many others companies with websites.We start creating apps and everything was fine till Apple start Reject apps :).
    Every time is the same the app which i upload in a iOS account was reject because “the Seller and Artist names associated with your app does not reflect the name” ?Could u tell me where to check the seller name and Artist name in iOS Account and how exactly they REFLECTS on the name app? Is that mean that the name of the app should be different bc the company had rights on the app with different name? Usually i took the Team Name in the iOS account for the seller name and usually that’s the write thing ,but sometimes were rejected even if the previous version (with the same info and seller name) were approved? What role is playing the Team Agent in iOS account till now i know that if u change the team agent the new team agent should paid the iOS account,is that right too? Thx a lot and i hope if it’s not a big trouble for you to send me a screenshots on the email if you could!

    1. Fernando

      Hi Deyan! We are on the same boat here!
      Do you find a way to submit an app with your developer team account and your app name not related to it?
      Please get in touch: fernando at

  11. JJM

    Hello people, I haven’t enrolled yet, I read somewhere that you can use your website address as your ‘legal name’ Bryn, or anyone else, can you confirm this, is this allowed?
    (e.g. Legal Name:

    But for ‘given’ name and ‘family’ name I would use my real first name and last name.

  12. Hoàng Dũng Phi

    Follow to my information:
    Legal Entity Name: CHU THI LAN,CHU THI LAN
    I want to change Legal Entity Name:from CHU THI LAN to name of organization: VIET UC ELECTRONIC-TRADING COMPANY LIMITED. Please help me how to change Legal Entity Name?
    Thanks and best regards

  13. Hardik

    Hello Bryn

    I have used my Friends Credit Card for the Payment, And Developer name displayed as same on his. I don’t want to display his Full name, is it possible to set only First Name.

    Thanks in Advanced.

  14. Gunjot Singh

    great article! helped very much.
    Just wanted to add, Now Apple does provide an option to upgrade from individual to enterprise account.

  15. Rohit

    Hello, As instructed we change the developer program from Individual to Company Name. THe developer name in the APP is still showing the name of individual. we checked and didnt found any way to change the developer name.?

    Can you please help and let us know hoe to change. We already waited for long more than 24 hrs but no change appears. Is it because we have used same apple ID for the changing the developer account from individual to Company.?

    1. Jiten

      Hi Rohit, you mean you just changed the legal entity name from Individual Name to Company name ? and you want to reflect your new company name.
      So, there is just one time fee of 99 USD for the individual account. Do you pay anything extra when you move from Individual to Company account.

      It will take me some time to register my company so should I go ahead and register a individual account and then change it to company account.

  16. Sanjay Vaghasiya

    I have a Same Issue –

    However, the seller and company names associated with your app do not reflect the name “Flowers Cakes Online” in the app or its metadata, as required by section 1.2 of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

    Please help me.

  17. Harold

    Hey Bryn!

    If I own an app and want to have re sellers in different countries and they feel the app’s name on the appstore isn’t fit for their market, is it possible for them to use my app and re sell it under a different name on the appstore? What can I do about this?

    Thanks so much in advance!

    1. Bryn Bodayle

      Hi Harold.

      You should just be able to localize your app’s bundle so that it has a different name in each locale. You can also localize iTunes Connect metadata.

  18. Tony

    Hi i have an app on appstore, however i want to put my co-founder’s name in the seller name as well. What is the procedure? Thank you

  19. arber skenderi

    Hi Bryn, Thanks for all the info.
    My company is about to developed an app for a client which we are thinking to transfer afterwards in to their developer account. We want my business name to show under the app name, even after it’s transferred. Is this possible?
    Thanks, Arber

  20. Andreas

    Hi Bryan

    “By creating a new developer account with a new name and transferring your apps to that account…”

    Does I need also a new Apple-ID-Account? Or is it possible two developer Accounts with one Apple ID?

    I published a app with my real name. But, I do not want to show my correct name…

    Thank for your help!

  21. check

    Hi Bryan,
    I have an individual apple developer account with my legal entity name, but when i upload the app for review they reject saying that the app should be published under a reputable seller name, so i think i have to change the name to a company name. What do you think of this problem and please can you say which is the best way to solve this?

  22. Ambi

    Hi Once i transfer the app to another developer account will all my old ratings and reviews be retained or will they be reset?

  23. Andre

    Hi Bryn,
    Thanks for the helpful article.
    I have a more generic question: does the Seller of an app in App Store means it’s that company that owns rights to developing that App? i.e. can company X develop an App, own the rights to it, and then sell it in the App Store with company Y’s name?

  24. Ricky

    Hi Bryn, Thanks for all the info.

    is it ok if i am registering my app first time in appstore , and i will use my different developer name instead of my real name, becuase i doesn’t want to show my real name?
    and also i don’t want any future rejections of my app due to this reason .

    please let me know thease things , i am waiting .

    Thank you

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