Pebble smartwatch


Several weeks ago, I received a Pebble, a smartwatch that works with both Android and iOS. I won the smartwatch in a generous contest that Pebble is hosting this month. I’ve been using the Pebble for several weeks, and I’m really impressed with it. Here’s why:


Pebble was started through a […]

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Card Share: Lightning Fast Contact Sharing for the iPhone

Introducing Card Share

I’ve had the idea for a contact sharing app for several years now. There’s never been an easy way to share your contact information on the iPhone. The process of finding your contact, choosing to share, and typing in a number (on the tiny keyboard) is far too time consuming. […]

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App Review Trial Run

Over the summer I worked on a contact sharing app for iOS 7 called Card Share. More information about the app will come soon, but if you’re interested, I talk about it during my guest feature on the NSVille Podcast.

The app is about 90% finished, just needing the addition of In-App Purchases, a walkthrough screen, and localization. However, I have decided to go ahead and submit the app to the App Store. I want to put the app in front of the app review board and get their approval before I put more work into it. I don’t have any reason to believe why it would be rejected, but I think this is just a good precaution to be safe. Also, when I submit my update to complete the app, the review time for that build should be shorter.

In general, the sooner you can submit your app for review the better. You never know what could go wrong or why it could be rejected. Hold off on perfecting your screenshots, app description and tags, but make sure this information will look good enough for the reviewer. I’ve found that by submitting early I can make the app launch process more in my control.

I’ll post updates about the review process and more details about the app soon.

9/11 – Version 1.0 Waiting for Review
9/16 – Version 1.0 In Review
9/17 – Version 1.0 Pending an Apple Release

Well that was painless. Now that I know my app is good to go, I’ll add the In-App purchases, final touches, and submit the release version.