An Easy Mistake with iTunes Connect & Metadata Rejections

Do not click “Submit for Review” after getting a Metadata Rejection

This past week, I had to wait an extra week for an app update to be approved. I received a metadata rejection which is a common way for Apple to request more information about an app. I responded to their message in the resolution center and clicked the “Submit for Review” button. ” I did NOT reject the binary and then resubmit which would put me back at the beginning of the review queue. However, resubmitting the build after the metadata rejection put me back at the beginning of the queue, and a week later the app was in review. The app was given another metadata rejection, but this time the reviewer indicated that I only needed to respond to their message with the required information for the build to go back into review. The “Submit for Review” button became active again, but I dared not click it. I responded to the reviewer’s message in the resolution center, and the build went back into review within 30 minutes.

In the past, resubmitting the build after a metadata rejection was the correct course of action. With the new iTunes Connect released last fall, things seem to have changed. The documentation still states that you should “submit the app for review again” after receiving this type of rejection. However, this experience and the response from the reviewer indicate that you only should respond to the reviewer and wait.

The problem here is that the “Submit for Review” button should not become active again after a metadata rejection.

Radar filed.


  1. Jo

    If only we had seen this earlier. We also clicked on the submit button. Now I think, we will have to wait for 1 week again for the review process. They should have changed the text or else mention it. Again the pain to wait for 1 more week.

  2. Will

    Thank you for this post. I recieved meta data rejection yesterday and was torn between clicking submit for review or just wait for Apple to respond to my message. I will wait now. Thank you!

  3. Tearinghairsout

    I pressed submit after a GPS battery usage decline, and then read this. I am frustrated already after 11 days waiting. Cannot believe i now fell out of the qeue and have to wait another 11 days ?

  4. Brent

    DUDE – You rock !! Thank you for sharing this tip. You just saved me 8-10 days. I send you a virtual beverage of your choice! CHEERS!

  5. jordan

    happened to me as well, pressed submit for review after metadata rejection and had to wait a full 11 days for a review again. sigh

  6. Goon

    Dude, I wish I could read this post sooner, I’ve been wondering if I need to press “Submit” button again, I even dropped a message to ask within Apple Resolution Center, of course no one answer yet, but then I still press the button, and now I’m sitting to read your post, punching in my face to tell how stupid I was 🙁

    10 more days to wait! God damn it!

  7. syria kuwait alforati

    thank for all . i donot press review after read this tip .
    tk2net تيك نت الكويت

  8. vencap

    Anyone else have this same experience of NOT submitting after a metadata rejection and having the review complete quickly? The app review team had a question on my functionality that I responded to in the Resolution Center. I called Apple wondering if I should choose the submit option and they told me “Yes you need to put it back in review”.

    I’m looking for some additional actual experience feedback to determine which approach works. I’m inclined to trust the Apple developer advisor, but since they aren’t the review team they may not actually know the review teams’ practices.

  9. Rubén

    Now in iTunes…

    Since your iTunes Connect Application State is Metadata Rejected, we do NOT require a new binary. To revise the metadata, visit iTunes Connect to select your app and revise the desired metadata values. Once you’ve completed all changes, click the “Submit for Review” button at the top of the App Information page.

    1. Valery


      I got the same message like you. I updated my video and clicked “Submit for Review” on the Dec 10th. Today is Dec 12th and the app is in “Waiting for Review”.

      How long you waited after “Submitted for Review”?


  10. Arby

    Oh no. My app was in expedited review and I went and click Submit after a metadata rejection!!! Im gonna miss Halloween now!

  11. Reto

    Hi Bryn.

    I’ve received this message:

    “Information Needed

    Your iTunes Connect settings indicate that your app serves third-party advertisements. However, we were unable to locate ads in your app.

    Please reply to this message to provide the steps for locating third-party ads in your app. When we hear back from you, we will continue the review.”

    How you would handle that?

    Ive replied to them like:

    “Hi review Team. Thank you for your message. Since this is my first app, probably I have marked something wrong int the procedure. My App have just Apple iAd’s inside. No other advertisements provider is present. ”

    Should I wait for a response or hit this fancy “Submit for Review” button? Thanks

  12. Ajitha

    Thank you very much for the post. I was about to resubmit and then thought of googling. Luckily found your post! 🙂

  13. RedSky

    Hi Bryn,

    First of all thanks for this post. I also got a metadata rejected issue. I answered to the review team’s message and didn’t submit the app again after reading your post. However it’s been 12 hours and I got no status change nor answer so I was wondering if I should just wait or if I do have to submit again.

    Do you have an opinion on this please?

    1. Bryn Bodayle

      Hi RedSky,

      I mention it in my revision above, but it seems like App Review has changed a bit and you might now need to submit the app after a metadata rejection. However, if you want to be sure, just wait 24 hours before a status change. And it might be helpful just to ask the reviewer what you should do. Either way, let us know how it works out for you.

  14. Yannis

    It happened to me today, and I did not re-submit. Result, the app has been approved by Apple within few hours.

    Thank you very much for this trick.

    1. Valery

      Hi Yannis,

      What have you did?
      You updated the metadata and sent a message to review team asking to approve the app? Have you pointed to this article?


  15. Kendall Gelner

    I can also confirm this worked recently, made a requested metadata change and the app was approved about a day later.

  16. Amit

    I got a “Meta data rejected” and I clicked on “Submit for Review” again after providing the required information.

    It looks like my app went back to the review queue. It’s been 7 days and the status hasn’t changed.

    Why don’t they just keep the “Submit” button disabled if people are not supposed to click it! Or at least tell us whether we are supposed to click the button or not.

  17. Richard Forsythe

    Agree with original post. Metadata rejection about 5pm, reply to message at 6pm, reply from app store next day at 9am, app approved at 10am.

    I did NOT hit the tempting Submit For Review button.

  18. hussain1982

    I read this post and I have two of my apps has metadata rejected and I tried response to the App Review and then I was waiting for one day but the App review has never response or change the status so I submit the app to review again after I lost one day .

    I think the case for you is the App Review staff personally has advised you to not press submit for review button , but in other cases they will ignore you if you didn’t press submit for review button . So we have no chance with apple unless waiting another week to review it again .

  19. Varun

    Agree with original post. I got a rejection 2.3: Apps that do not perform as advertised by the developer

    I answered the query from the resolution center and didn’t Submit the app again (after reading to this post) and waited for 24 hours.

    Finally it came back In Review and Approved (Without Submitting for Review again).

    Note: App review team is working in US time zone (CA) so if you reply to query in Resolution center during their working hours, it will be resolved very soon, otherwise you have to wait for the next working day.

    Thanks for this post, saved my few days.

  20. Lars Friman

    I got the same message today and they write in the comment that you should just save and reply when done.

  21. Edward

    I had the “metadata rejected” error with Apple asking for a demonstration video. I quickly made one and pressed Submit as per instructions (and of course only read this afterwards).

    I was afraid I’d be back in the queue for another 4 days, but luckily (?) less than an hour later my app was accepted.

  22. Marcel

    Wow, I read this just in time. After waiting a week for the review of our APP, it was rejected for just one single line of text in our APP description. I was doubting if I should resubmit it or reply to their message. This article pushed me to replying instead of resubmitting for review. Thanks!

  23. Hon Fai Yiu

    My app called “Voice MetronomeFree ” and I received meta data rejected because the name mention the prices! There are many apps with the name “free”.! Can we have a name with “free” at the end?

    1. Bryn Bodayle

      Hmm, maybe they aren’t allowing that anymore. It would make sense since they’re moved away from using the word “free” for apps. Now all the buttons that used to say “free” say “get”.

  24. Golden

    My app got rejected with the metadata rejected status. There was an option to request someone to call me within 3 business days. I chose that option but no one has called me yet and it’s been just over three days. The strays has not changed (still says metadata rejected). What should I do now?

  25. Marcos B

    ???? I got rejected, uploaded a new bundle. Clicked Submit…
    One day after it was In Review…
    However, they came up with some other issues. This time I won’t click Submit as it seems to be baaaaad….. lol

  26. Inder Sucha

    Could someone help. First time app builder (can’t really say developer)
    I created a very simple app with only a few lines of code. Basically just to reflect a website as apps are more popular and used more often. I am looking to add more features like notifications later on.
    This is the question I’ve been asked.

    “What specific iOS features besides push notifications does the application contain that separate itself from the website?”

    To be honest I’m sure that there are any….


    1. Bryn Bodayle

      Hmm, I think to justify building an app over a website, you really want to add features that are only possible or inherently better in a native app. So things like push notifications, but also things like offline support, native navigation, image editing, etc.

  27. jeff mayo

    The reviewer says my new video is from an emulator when clearly it is not what to do? There is no option to dispute, I’ve been delayed a simple touch up on the logic 3 weeks now

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