Bryn Bodayle - Airbnb Native Tech Talk - Building Airbnb Plus

Airbnb Tech Talk: Building Airbnb Plus

In the two years I’ve been at Airbnb, I haven’t taken too many opportunities to share my work publicly. However, I recently had an opportunity to participate in a series of tech talks on native product development at Airbnb.

In my talk I showcase some of the main technologies we developed for Airbnb Plus on iOS which we launched in February of this year.

Here’s a recording of the tech talks; my talk starts at 48:51.

Airbnb Tech Talk: Native Product Development

Are you curious about what goes into building Airbnb's iOS and Android apps? Join us to hear Airbnb native engineers cover in-house technologies that facilitate product development, along with learnings from large-scale product launches. RSVP to attend in person:

Posted by Airbnb Engineering + Data Science on Tuesday, August 7, 2018

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